Paragliding / Hang-gliding at Emberger Alm

Stress-free flying holiday next to the take-off site

Flying area Emberger Alm

Emberger Alm in Greifenburg is known as one of the top flying areas in the Alps. The conditions are ideal: Great infrastructure and a flying site that combines good thermal conditions with beautiful landscapes.

On the ample mountain meadows above the treeline up to the Nassfeldriegel summit, starts are also possible with south-east- to west-wind conditions. Because the terrain faces the south-east, reliable thermal conditions can already be expected before noon. Therefore, Emberger Alm is an interesting starting point also for long-distance flights. The Drautal valley offers favourable conditions for beginners in long-distance flying and there are several spots for off-field landing. But not only do long-distance pilots enjoy flying here, also recreational pilots get their money's worth at the extensive flying grounds. The height difference between take-off and landing site amounts to between 1,120 m and 1,250 m, depending on the take-off site.

Options for long-distance flights

For pilots who want to earn their first "easier" long-distance kilometres, we recommend following the Drautal valley westbound along the southern face of the Kreuzeckgruppe mountain range until you reach the clearly visible power supply line above Oberdrauburg or even further to the Annaschutzhaus refuge (expect strong and high-reaching valley winds here) and back again. Alternatively, you can take the eastbound route to Radelberger Alm and back again.

There are also routes cutting across valleys that are somewhat more difficult, for example: flights across the Zettersfeld in direction of Mattrei, flights to the Gailtal valley in direction of the Dobratsch, to the Pustertal valley in direction of Sillian / Bruneck or to the Goldeck summit. The route round the Kreuzeckgruppe mountain range is a popular classic by now. It leads through the Mölltal valley and forms a FAI-triangle.

Difficulties / Dangers

  • Low relief with turbulence for paragliders at the south-east take-off site, especially when there is west wind.

  • Be careful in case of north- and west-wind conditions: Lee-wave rotors may occur.

  • With east-wind conditions, the valley winds often reach the take-off site. In this case, the thermal is particularly turbulent.

  • The flying area is highly thermal and generally exposed to thunderstorms.

  • Very strong thermal during spring! Flying during the thermal high season is not recommended for beginners or casual pilots without expert support (i.e. from a flight instructor).

  • Respect the wildlife reserve east of Emberger Alm.

Take-off sites

South-West Emberger Alm, 1720 m (N 46° 46' 21'' E 13° 08' 59'')
Main take-off site for paragliders and hang-gliders at a big forest clearing, steep grass-slope straight into the thermal. Accessible with a private vehicle or with a collective taxi.

South-East Emberger Alm, 1860 m (N 46° 46' 36'' E 13° 09' 00'')
Flat grass-slope, 15 minutes walking distance. This take-off is situated above the main take-off site and Emberger Alm. Accessible only on foot or with the collective cabs via the main take-off site. With west-wind conditions there is a risk of lee vortexes occurring.

Landing sites


1. Landing site next to the "Fliegercamp Oberes Drautal" at the swim lake, 610 m above sea level, be careful with the high-voltage power lines! (N 46° 44' 48'' E 13° 11' 33'')

2. Landing site Greifenburg Pobersach, in direction of the Weissensee lake, turn left at the fire-fighter building Bruggen, about 400 m after the soccer field (N 46° 44' 31'' E 13° 12' 02'')

Berg im Drautal

3. Landing site at Hotel Sunshine, north of the B100 main road, take the access road into the village at the railway station. 630 m above sea level. On the eastern end, the landing site is confined by a road and a line of trees.


Wolfgang Sattlegger from Alm-Hotel Fichtenheim at Emberger Alm, an active hang-glider pilot himself, will be happy to advise you in case of further questions.  Tel: +43 4712 794

Flight schools around Emberger Alm

Flight school Blue Sky, Silian
Tel: +43 4852 5176

Flight school Bruno Girstmair, Lienz 
Tel: +43 4852 65539 

Flight school Luftikus Greifenburg/Stuttgart
Tel.: +49 711 537928

Tandem flights
Rudi Baumgartner
Tel.: +43 664 2620900

Daniels Flugschule und Tandemflüge im Gailtal
Tel.: +43 660 609 7332

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