Astronomy and observatory

So close to the stars

During the week around new moon, hobby astronomers at Emberger Alm take to the stars. You can set up your telescope in various places around the alp and we provide electricity, drinks at night, equipment storage, etc.

Since there are no big cities close-by Emberger Alm, light pollution around here is low. On clear nights, an impressively starry sky and even the milky way can be seen with the naked eye. If you don't annoy our hobby astronomers by walking around the alp with a bright flashlight or by driving with your headlights on, they may even let you glimpse through their telescopes…

Holiday observatory Emberger Alm

The holiday observatory belongs to Hotel Sattlegger's Alpenhof. It consists of a small hut with a removable roof that is equipped with a 12'' Mead-telescope. The observatory can be rented and there are guided demonstrations on request.

More information: Sattleggers Alpenhof Hotel, Thomas Sattlegger; Tel. +43 4712 796

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